Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote Regex Pixie?
Short answer: me. Long answer: Jon von Gillern. I'm a Microsoft C# MVP and I'm a super regex nerd. If we were in an 80's movie scene featuring a dance battle that was actually a regex battle, I'd be the guy in the corner wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket with spikes on it, watching all the "amateurs" compete. That is until one enterprising young buck (i.e. you) from a small town in Pennsylvania came to town showing off his innovative and promising new moves. At this point, I'd step out from the shadows, parting the legions of neon wind breakers like Moses with the Red Sea and before you know it, I'm spinning on my head and doing a windmill so freakishly awesome, even Don Quixote would dare not approach. The crowd raves with admiration and chants of "VON! VON! VON!". You have just been bested and I take your girlfriend home with me. Cut to the montage of you practicing and refining your moves. A month passes by, you re-appear at the club, ready to get your girl back. However, breaking with the traditional plotline, I still beat you and you go back to the coal mining town you came from and you pray that the mining company's pension fund isn't raided by the time you retire. TL;DR - My name is Jon and I really like Regular Expressions.
Why isn't this open source?
Because when you download open source, you're downloading Communism. Ok. So that was just a joke. Please don't kill me Richard M. Stallman. I'm looking into how we can make this open source-ish, the problem is that I spent a good chunk of money on our docking library (from Actipro) and I'm not sure how exactly that would work. We could make the shell closed source and make all the logic open source, but hell... that is work. Boo. Boo work. It is a minor miracle that this thing is available at all.
How can I contact you?
I have the emails for making glorious benefit nation Pixie-stan. pixie [at] nitriq [dot] com
Regex Pixie isn't horrible, do you have any other projects?
Yep. Nitriq - lets you write LINQ queries against your .net assemblies. If you want to know something about your code, Nitriq can tell you. Also, Atomiq will find duplicate code in your project. It is a windows app, but can analyze most common programming languages (C#, Java, Javascript, Ruby, VB, Perl, etc).
Does Pixie have any requirements?
Yes, you need to have .Net 4.0 installed. Having a Pomeranian named Chauncey is only a recommendation, it is not a requirement.
Where is the installer?
Unlike unicorns, I don't believe in installers. The download is a zip file that has the executable for Pixie. Pixie project files have the extension ".pixie". I'm sure you can figure it out.